What’s this exhibition you mentioned? Th…

What’s this exhibition you mentioned? This is my first Festa as an ARMY so I’m a little confused 😅 thank you in advance!!

hi anon~ welcome to your first Festa!!! I hope you enjoyed everything ^_^ So during HYYH PT2 bangtan did an exhibition called Butterfly Dream. So they rented a space you can visit and look at photos, videos, artwork, etc from bangtan. You can buy prints too for some of the photos shown there. To see some of the things posted you can visit there posts:



they also did a vlive to show the space and what you can see on there. Though I’m not sure if the instagram photos are for an exhibit but initially bighit made an error uploading it and it had captions that said exh and teaser as the file names of the photos so we think it’s for an exhibit ^_^ I guess we’ll know more tomorrow.