Summer nights|Taehyung|Requested



Pairing: Taehyung x reader
Genre: Friends to lovers
Warning: slight angst (?). swearing

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Warm summer weather prompted many of the young people of the nation to go out of their houses. And that was how you and your best friend Taehyung, loyally accompanying you, found yourself surrounded by your friends at a party that neither of you wanted to attend, but what else is there to do on a Friday evening in summer? Cold drink in hand, you talked with your friends with your best friend always on your side.

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Prompt: It was random and silly and barely 1 o’clock in the morning, but they found themselves dancing in the darkened living room to no music and a whole lot of laughter.  

Pairing: Jimin x reader

It wasn’t unusual for Jimin to come home late. It also wasn’t unusual for him to just stay in the dorms. And as much as you wished it wasn’t true, it wasn’t unusual for him to cancel your dates because of practice.
But what was unusual for him was this. You stood in the middle of your living room dumbfounded, looking at candles that were placed all over the room, flowers in elegant vases here and there and one red rose in a tall vase placed in the middle of your dining table. A scent of something cooking coming from the kitchen that made your stomach growl impatiently. You hesitantly moved to the kitchen. What if someone broke in? You thought to yourself before peeping in.

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Taehyung Scenario: The Spark Between Us – Part…


Request: Hayyy I want to request part 2 of that taehyung as a doctor in reader school and they meet again in hospital 🙂 i love the part one Thankyouuu

Part 1

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Something about Kim Taehyung was utterly alluring to you,it was as if the more years passed, the more you felt attracted to him. Gone was the little girl lovestruck by him, but there was still that fluttering feeling in your heart when you saw him with his white gown and disarming smile on, tired from work but never failing to be charming.
He was walking down the aisle examining a few stories and you sighed, his hair was messy and he had a little frown between his brows that instantly disappeared when he saw you.

-Y/N?- he stopped to look at you, looking a little surprised.

You weren’t really supposed to be there since you were off from the practicing for a few days to work in the finishing touches of your thesis, so he was most probably not expecting to find you wandering around the hospital.

-The one and only- you said with a laugh to disguise your nervousness, hoping he hadn’t caught you staring just a few seconds before.

-I see- he smiled fully and your heart raced. He had been awake for surely an incredible amount of hours and there he was, still stunning, still managing to make your legs feel like they had melted to the ground. -Aren’t you supposed to be working in your thesis?-

-Yeah, I am-

-Don’t tell me you missed me and couldn’t take it anymore?- he smirked, crossing his arms in front of his chest and you laughed, shaking your head.

You did miss him a lot, seeing him around casually like this, working hand in hand with him, receiving his advice and being constantly challenged by him.

-And what about you, aren’t you supposed to be on your shift doctor Kim?- you decided to avoid answering all together because what were you supposed to say? That you had gone there in the hopes of seeing him?

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Starfire Ch.3



; Hoseok x Reader

; Sci-Fi

; Genre: Angst, fluff, eventual smut

; Word

; Synopsis:
The schism that broke the galaxy began, as it usually does, over a
disagreement. The resultant civil war has raged for hundreds of years. When a
ragtag group of travellers discovers something that could turn the tide of war,
for good or for worse, the bonds of friendship and love will be tested.

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; A/N: For the probably 10 people who have been looking forward to this, I hope you enjoy it! For any newbies…I hope you enjoy it too. Still so easy and fun to write!

Silence takes over the bridge as everyone suddenly stares at Jungkook, his brown eyes widening in panic as he points a shaky finger to himself. “No, no you’re wrong. I’m just…I’m just Jungkook.” The space between his brows suddenly creases and your stomach turns slightly at how lifelike that looks. “Right? I’m human…you said I was human?”

He’s turning his wrists over now, staring at the golden skin that has a pale tone to it under the harsh ship lights. His fingers flex slowly and everyone watches as tendons move beneath his skin, veins bulging and prominent.

“Jisoo…are you sure?” Yoongi asks, running a lazy eye over the young man. Just as Jisoo opens her mouth, darker pink lips surrounded by smooth hot pink skin, Jimin suddenly moves in a burst of speed that has you blinking.

The black clad man moves with all the speed a Mutanis has been graced with, and yet he’s pulled to a stop when Jungkook’s hand is suddenly grabbing onto his arm tightly. Jimin’s eyes widen ever so slightly before his plush lips turn up in an amused smirk.

Even from here, you can see the way that Jimin’s biceps bulge slightly as he pushes with far more strength than a human is capable of. Yet Jungkook doesn’t move an inch, his arms not even quivering under the effort.

Relenting, Jimin pulls his arms back and twirls the silver blade in his fingers slowly. The same knife that had been in his arm and you presume, aimed at some non-vital part of Jungkook. Letting out a low chuckle that has the hair on your arms raising, Jimin slowly strides back to his previous spot and leans back against the wall.

“Oh he’s not human. Not one of you could have seen me and responded that quickly. Nor are any of you strong enough to stop me. Humans in particular are not equipped to go up against a Mutanis. Him?” He points at Jungkook with the sharp end of his blade. “I wasn’t getting through to him, no way. He’s not human.”

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Jimin Scenario: Scared, Me?


Request: Jimin and reader go to a haunted house. He was acting like all tough saying that he wasn’t going to be scared and protect her, but a few minutes in the haunted house he becomes scared and clings to the reader. He let’s the reader go in front and in the rooms first because ‘ladies first’. Once out of the haunted house he’s  like ‘see I protected you’ and she just plays along.

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

You were going to spend the whole day in the amusement park, Jimin and you had been strolling around and doing only the rides with the smallest waiting lines. Being with Jimin in this sort of places was always fun, he was very hyper and easy going, rolling along with whatever you wanted to do and of course spoiling you with all sorts of treats, including cotton candy and sweet popcorn.

You were walking and talking about what you could do next when a zombie guy approached you, you looked at the interesting believable and Jimin flinched.

-Oh my god- he breathed to then cleart his throat.

The zombie guy bowed. -Oh I scared you I’m sorry, we are offering free trials to our new haunted house, you guys want to go?-

You saw the waiting line was really short and then you glanced at your boyfriend who didn’t look so sure. -Let’s go Chim, sounds fun-

-Do you really wanna go to that Y/N? I mean, there are other things we can try-

-Yes we should take this chance, why?- you smiled. -Are you scared of going there?-

Jimin snorted. -Of course not Y/N, I’m only asking for you

You giggled amused by his accusatory tone -Don’t worry, I’ll be alright-

Jimin nodded despite himself chinning up bravely. -In that case I’ll protect you, come-

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three’s (not a) crowd


For the quasi prompt which probs wasn’t meant as a prompt but it’s @mygkthsbday and i love her <3: Namjoon
obviously thinks jimin is the One, jimin loves everything about namjoon and
taehyung thinks they are both amazing

Pairing: Namjoon x Jimin x Taehyung

Taehyung is a tattoo artist and Jimin gets his first tattoo.

A/N: Happy Birthday @mygkths!!!!!!! I hope you have the most amazing day<333 ilysm<3333 thank you for opening my eyes to the amazingness of this ot3!!! Hope you like it!!

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Ride ; one-shot



Genre | strangers AU | smut

Pairing | Yoongi x reader x Jeongguk

Words | 4,195

Warnings | Threesome, hand jobs, some begging, exhibitionism, Namjoon being oblivious. Me having a slight sub!jk kink because he’s two years younger than me and I just—

You were a nice girl, but the weather can drive just about anyone out of their minds, especially when in close proximity to these two.

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