Taehyung Scenario: The Spark Between Us – Part…


Request: Hayyy I want to request part 2 of that taehyung as a doctor in reader school and they meet again in hospital 🙂 i love the part one Thankyouuu

Part 1

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Something about Kim Taehyung was utterly alluring to you,it was as if the more years passed, the more you felt attracted to him. Gone was the little girl lovestruck by him, but there was still that fluttering feeling in your heart when you saw him with his white gown and disarming smile on, tired from work but never failing to be charming.
He was walking down the aisle examining a few stories and you sighed, his hair was messy and he had a little frown between his brows that instantly disappeared when he saw you.

-Y/N?- he stopped to look at you, looking a little surprised.

You weren’t really supposed to be there since you were off from the practicing for a few days to work in the finishing touches of your thesis, so he was most probably not expecting to find you wandering around the hospital.

-The one and only- you said with a laugh to disguise your nervousness, hoping he hadn’t caught you staring just a few seconds before.

-I see- he smiled fully and your heart raced. He had been awake for surely an incredible amount of hours and there he was, still stunning, still managing to make your legs feel like they had melted to the ground. -Aren’t you supposed to be working in your thesis?-

-Yeah, I am-

-Don’t tell me you missed me and couldn’t take it anymore?- he smirked, crossing his arms in front of his chest and you laughed, shaking your head.

You did miss him a lot, seeing him around casually like this, working hand in hand with him, receiving his advice and being constantly challenged by him.

-And what about you, aren’t you supposed to be on your shift doctor Kim?- you decided to avoid answering all together because what were you supposed to say? That you had gone there in the hopes of seeing him?

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