Taehyung Scenario: Never Apart.


Request: Taehyung gives the reader silent treatment because of an argument that they had, the reader then does the same, both won’t talk to each other. Jin finds out they haven’t talked to each other & tries to help them

Gene: Fluff / Romance.

Taehyung called for the ninth time, he didn’t understand why you weren’t picking up your phone. When he talked to you earlier you had said you were going to be chilling at home with no plans, so unless you were asleep there was no reason for you to ignore his calls.
He had bought mcdonalds and had already a few movies in mind that you could watch together, but none of that was going to happen if you didn’t pick the damn phone.

Taehyung waited there for an hour and then decided to just go home, you weren’t picking up, he was angry, hungry and the fries were already cold. Everything was wrong, and now he was also worried about you.
He left several messages saying to call him as soon as you could, to make sure you were ok. Taehyung waited, he was scared that something had happened.
He decided to go on social media to try to relax his mind and then it was when he saw an update of your friend showing a picture of you, all smiles, at the movies.

Taehyung felt his mind turning, on a side he was glad you were ok but the fact that you had gone out without even telling about it and worse thing not picking up your phone was making him too angry.

He decided to call you one more time for a last try but just as before you didn’t answer. Taehyung groaned frustrated and restrained himself from throwing the phone to the floor. He thought about it, if this was him you’d be furious more than him so he couldn’t understand why were you doing this.
So since you were having such a nice time and didn’t have time for him he was going to give you the same treatment, if you could ignore him them he could do so as well.

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