Hoseok Scenario: Make You Believe – Part 2.


Request: hello, if it’s not too much trouble can I request a part 2 for that hoseok scenario where he’s your boss?? I think it was called make you believe?? Can it be about how it’s around your third date and he wants to ask you to be his girlfriend but he’s super super nervous and all?? Love your writing, thank you very much! ^^

Genre: Romance.

Part 1

You had to hold it, no matter how he made you feel you had to hold it and be professional. But the thing was Jung Hoseok and his little secret notes of compliments and silly jokes made you want to giggle and smile all day.
You were looking down at a piece of paper he so subtly had slipped on your purse when he saw you early in the morning, reading it you couldn’t help the smile lighting your face.

I wonder why I look forward to the office now more than ever, oh wait, I know the answer 😉

It was silly, but the fact that he was letting you know he felt better coming here because of you made you giddy with happiness and you were starting to suspect your “crush” was growing into something else. It excited you, because you couldn’t picture a guy that treated you better than Hoseok, that had his charisma, that cared so much. But then the big issue of him being your boss was also latent, you didn’t want to come off as unprofessional and also the perspective of losing your job appalled you, the thought of things ending or being just a fling with Hoseok made your stomach fall. You swallowed and read the note again, it didn’t matter what you had just thought, the same smile came again and you bit your lip to not giggle.
Hearing steps coming your way you put away the note pretty quickly, your heart beating fast because why if someone read or what if someone found you out, by the way you were feeling you might as well have written “Hoseok” all over your face, people couldn’t know that at first glance or now could they?

-Wow, such a happy face in mid day- you heard his voice and you didn’t know if to be relieved it was him or even more nervous. -I like that, you smiling a lot- he said a bit lower for just you to hear. You shrugged, looking at your coffee and then at your purse where the note was to finally connect eyes with him.

-I’m feeling good-

-That’s great, what might be the reason of all those smiles?-

You felt the blush imminent, covering your cheeks and you dared to say your ears. -Someone who is a bit nosy- you answered raising your brows at him making him laugh.

-You are just drinking coffee for lunch?- he asked seeing you didn’t have a lunch box or anything of the sort nearby.

You nodded. -I think so, I mean, maybe I eat a sandwich from the machine or something-

Hoseok bit his lip to a line and thought quickly, but as the ideas came to his mind his heart rate increased and he felt himself getting nervous, he just had to invite you to lunch, and he knew you were likely to say yes, but he was so nervous, he liked you so much, he had been thinking about all the possibilities when it came to you, how he felt about you, how much he liked you. He was at the point were things were easy and hard at the same time, it was easy thinking about doing things with you, inviting you on dates, making you smile. It was hard thinking you might not want the same thing.

-What If we…-

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