Forever Has A Limit


; Jungkook x Reader

; Genre: Angst

; Word Count: 2.3k

; Warnings: Infidelity, low self-esteem

; A/N: Sorry. Lol

“I’m sorry.” You whisper quietly, playing with the pile of mashed potatoes nervously. Your stomach feels like you’re on a rollercoaster, dipping with nausea that has you swallowing thickly to try and stave the vomit.

He pauses, a forkful of chicken halfway to his looks before he looks at your with a frown marring that beautiful face you’d fallen in love with with so long ago. When you’d first started dating it had been wonderful and he’d looked at you as if you’d hung the stars in the sky and coloured in the sun for him.

Now you were lucky if he talked to you at all. But you still loved him so much – he made your heart trip when he smiled and your lips smile when he laughed. He just didn’t seem to do it anymore with you. Not since her.

“Sorry for what?” The quick glance to the side has you guessing that he’s trying to figure out if he’s done something wrong. Which makes you laugh, because he has. But you’re stupid, and you’d forgive him if he’d just come back to you.

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