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Seokjin Scenario: Fire In Your Eyes.

Request: Did I make it in time? Hello. Could I ask for a scenario where you and Jin are secretly dating. You are an actress and Jin is an actor/idol who both managed to bagged a role in a drama. However Jin becomes uncomfortable when you’re asked to kiss your on screen husband on at the drama for diff takes and after the break Jin drags you alone and tries to make sure what’s his is still his… I’d love to see a really jealous(cough)possessive(cough) Seokjin haha Thanks a million~

Genre: Romance.

Seokjin kept on playing it cool outside and controlling his breath, because inside he was completely burning down to pieces.

He knew this wasn’t actually your decision, and that this was one of those brief times in your acting career that you had to actually kiss another actor. It was to be expected since he was your onscreen husband so you had talked calmy about this possibility but Jin was having none of it at the moment. One because he should be the only one kissing you, you were his girlfriend and what you two had was very real and not acted. Second, because the other guy seemed to be enjoying this way too much and Jin suspected ruining the takes so you had to repeat it over and over again while he was positively combusting at the other side of the set.

He should be the one being there with you, with a hand in your waist and the other under your chin, looking at you like you were the most precious thing on earth because you indeed were and not that guy.

-Let’s try with a different pose- the director said switching things a little and making even more takes, honestly Jin had lost the count already but he felt mildly relieved when the director finally said that the filming was over for the time being and that you could take a break, apparently satisfied with the kiss scene finally and Jin huffed, he should have said so about seven kisses before.

You showed a little smile and thanked everyone around you, while the other guy was trying to make small talk with you.

Jin didn’t want to make a scene because this was after all, your workplace and this contract was important for both of you, it was just a little bad luck that you weren’t paired together and he wasn’t about to ruin your hard work, at least not there but he would surely have a few words with that actor if he kept looking at you the way he was doing.

He saw you deny with your head to whatever the other was saying and take a step away from him, before apologizing and going away and even if he wanted to come up to him and tell him to leave you the fuck alone, he breathed deeply and remembered everything he said he wasn’t going to do and instead, went after you.

You grabbed an water bottle and sighed, you felt tense and weird since the shooting started and it got worse when you had to repeat your kissing scene so many times. Maybe your tension was showing through and ruining it all, and it was weird because it wasn’t like you were giving the guy the deepest of kisses, it was merely a soft kiss, nothing too elaborated or intimate but the director had been relentlessly telling you to repeat it because there was something off.

Maybe if Jin was your husband in that drama that scene would have been a lot less difficult. You giggled to yourself with the thought of it, kissing your boyfriend wasn’t something you had to be forced to do.

Now that Jin came to your mind you hadn’t seen him, you left your water and decided to look for him since you knew he was around, you hadn’t arrived to the filming set together to avoid the gossiping and such, but he was shooting that day too so he shouldn’t be far. When you turned around he was actually behind you and you flinched surprised.

-Jin! – you gasped, thankfully you didn’t have the water in your hands anymore because if not you were sure you would have dropped it down. -Babe I was just going to look for you-

You said softly and looked curiously at him, Seokjin looked tense and bothered.

-Really? – he asked and you nodded, then he took your hand and made you walk along with him, he was holding your hand and walking fast.

-Jin what’s wrong?- you asked, rushing to his pace. Seokjin seemed mad, he didn’t even answer your question and it was confusing so you asked again. -Seokjin what’s wrong? Where are we going? I’m going to trip, slow down- you were wearing heels and he was walking too fast.

-You won’t – he held you firmer for support and keep moving around the set.

Honestly you were a bit dizzy and needed some explanation for this. You decided to just follow him to wherever he wanted to go and then you would have a talk with him because even if he was mad he shouldn’t be manhandling you around without explanation.

You were getting further and further away from all the filming crew and all the other actors, going towards the changing rooms and you noticed you were closest to yours than to Jin’s.

He stopped right there, opening the door and walking you both inside to then close it.

-Alright will you tell…- you started to say but couldn’t finish because next second he was cupping your face and kissing you silly.

You gasped when his lips met yours but welcomed them anyway even if Jin was kissing you rather possessively, desperate almost and it made you tremble.

He bit your lower lip and walked you back towards the door to have you against it and press his body against yours, ravaging your lips with such ease you held onto his shoulders for some sort of support.

His hands held you firmly and he kissed you deeper between every strained breath, you didn’t understand his outburst but you didn’t want it to end either, not when his hands squeezed your hips longingly and when his lips on you made sure to take what he wanted.

-I don’t want to see him kissing you- he grunted, separating for a brief second and coming right back to your lips, pulling you closer to his body. -Your lips are only mine to kiss-

You didn’t have to ask who he was talking about, you already knew it but you would have never expected for Jin to react this way, but oh how you were loving it, even if his kisses were a bit rough right then they were definitely needy and heaven sent. It felt as if he was claiming you, making sure you were only his and you were dizzy, enamored, trembling and out of breath.

One of his hands got lost in your hair, the other squeezed your bum, his tongue moved with yours in the kiss and there wasn’t a millimeter separating your bodies, he wanted you close and you complied. Maybe he was feeling a little unsure after the scenes you were filming and if this was what he needed to be alright again, you weren’t about to deny it to him.

Jin didn’t say anything else for a while, only focused in making out with you, running his hands up and down your body, leaving your hair and your heart a mess.

Somehow you had moved away from the door and ended in one of the chairs with you straddling his hips, you were sure your lips had to be swollen by then and your lipstick smeared but it was so worth it.

-He was hitting up on you, don’t tell me he wasn’t- he said annoyed and you smiled lightly.

Running your thumb along his lips because your lipstick had stained them.

-I didn’t say that- you answered softly and got a squeeze on your bum in return that made you giggle and lean down to peck his lips. -But I have a boyfriend who kisses the lights out of me so well I cannot think about other men-

He seemed satisfied with your response, you loved Seokjin so much, he was so many things for you and this type of reaction wasn’t usual on him, he was more easy going but even if he didn’t want to admit it, he got jealous quite often, and most times he would shrug it off and other times he would show you his possessive side and you honestly thought it was so hot, you just loved every side of his personality.

You carded your hands through his hair and smiled down at him, he had his beautiful eyes fixed on you with a playful smirk.

-What? – you asked, noticing how he was looking at your lips and he shrugged with a satisfied smile now.

-Now he’ll notice you had been kissing someone- he said and laughed. – Kissing for real and not like you kissed him-

-Oh my god so this was your plan all along!- you hit his shoulder playfully and he coiled both of his arms around your waist, leaning up to kiss you long and deep.

-Of course it was-

You just laughed against his lips and let him kiss you silly just for a little while more.